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You've worked hard. Now let me help you tighten your story, clean up loose ends, and organize your arguments more effectively. 



Before you get too far, you need someone to check for mistakes, repetition, and inconsistencies. That's what I'm here for.



Your project is ready to go, but you need an extra set of eyes to catch those inevitable typos and formatting errors. Let's talk.

About Dara Ekanger


The Beginning

During college I worked for a magazine as a writer, but soon the owner asked me to “clean up” some other articles that had been submitted. I quickly discovered I loved editing . . . and I had a knack for seeing those misspelled words, extra spaces, and oversized commas. 


The Middle

After graduating summa cum laude with two BA degrees, I worked overseas with a study abroad program, managing all publications. Eventually I accepted a staff editorial position with a teen magazine back in the US, while continuing to freelance write and edit.


The End


In the last twenty years, I’ve been senior editor of a national magazine, and edited countless projects for non-profits, publishing companies, advertising firms, and private individuals. I thoroughly enjoy the diversity of topics that present themselves and the many quality people I’ve met along the way. I would love for you to be one of them. 

Client Insight

Exceeds Expectations

“I’ve worked with Dara on huge, medium, and small projects, and she always exceeds expectations. She’s far more than a standard copyeditor, because she’s a scholar and a thinker who checks more than just punctuation, grammar, and citations. Her suggested improvements have saved embarrassment and greatly improved works. I recommend her without reservation.” 

—Dr. Tom Palmer, Executive VP,

Atlas Network

One of the Best

“We have tossed highly technical (from economics to ornithology) as well as general interest manuscripts at Dara and she has excelled in every case . . . she is among the best editors we have worked with in more than forty years of publishing.”  

Jameson Campaign, Owner,

Jameson Books

Stands Out

“As the trade magazine for our industry, we have a large staff with many writers and editors. Dara stands out above them all. Not only does she write and edit impeccably, but her character is exemplary. She is a strong professional who turns her work around quickly and skillfully. Dara is the best editor our magazine has seen. I’m so grateful for her service and friendship to our staff.”

—Gena Suarez, Publisher, 

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Responsive and Professional

 “As a publisher of several community magazines, it was paramount that our copy be clean, professional, and correct. After contracting with Dara, our instances of copy errors decreased dramatically. I found her to be extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with.”  —Alex Joye, Direct Media 

Intelligent and Methodical

 “I was so fortunate in having Dara’s help editing my book. She is intelligent and competent, amiable and collaborative, conscientious and methodical, and a joy to work with. And she cares.”    

—Arnold Steinberg, author, Whiplash

Sets Us Apart

“Dara has been our copyeditor for the past several years and handles each of our submissions in an expeditious and competent manner. Her skill as a copyeditor helps set our publications apart from others in the area.” —Karen Tellalian, Direct Media


What Styles Do You Use?


 I am trained in AP and Chicago styles, however, every author has his or her own stylistic requirements, and I am flexible enough to work within any framework. The most important thing is to maintain consistency within the same piece. 

How Does the Process Work?


You send me the manuscript in Word format. I edit it with tracking on and return to you to answer any questions and approve the edits. You can even tweak the text a little at this stage. Then you send it back to me for the final review. 


What does it cost?

Each project is unique. If there isn't much to be done, the editing fee will be lower. After a look at your manuscript, I'll be able to give you a fair estimate on the final charge. Typically, costs will run $4-$9 a page (single-spaced, 12-pt font). There is a 50% deposit required, with the balance due within ten days of completion. I'll make all changes with tracking on, so you can see what and where. I'll even tell you why, if you want to know. 

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